;; Could have sworn I just saw Felicity on Jay—

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has the need to bother, but, i probably shouldn't, //slinks back into lurking, might hop on blue tho idk, probably not, i've been lurking for hours now wow yoshi good job, outofyoshis, 50% of the icons for this guy is him either bandaged/beat up, he's supposed to be the kawaii tsundere shoujo manga hero, wtf man,



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sdhfkhsdfjks, you know i love you uwu, [pats your face], i see shanji and felicity angsting it up on my dash a lot oh my god, i'm not even sure i'm allowed to angst, am i doing it right, how do, LOL, i am a gilbert full of crack when was the last time i had a serious roleplay, outofyoshis, ishallfall,



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whispers maybe, i want to dance on your grave, mwahahahha, im kidding, also i thin u mean felicity, what's funny is, a lot of people think i have rped with shanji before, even though i haven't, and i know him but, have yet to talk to him, and may or may not idolize shanji, LOL, ishallfall, outofyoshis, you hearrd nothing,

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[ ;be right back screaming with laughter ]


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This pain… this suffering… He could make it all go away — he could destroy it all. The thought blazed through his mind like a torch as it engulfed him in the sharp flames billowing smoke to suffocate his sane thought process slowly falling victim to the B Rabbit’s desire to heal him over…

If it bothered him enough, he just needed to make it all disappear right? Let his powers consume his very being and annihilate whatever troubled him the most. A need to cry out convulsed through his system with the quick gasps for breath. Gilbert would forever be gone, and it may have just been his fault all along.

His fault — the words of Jack regurgitating in the back of his mind that nothing was his to begin with, a thought he believed himself to have gotten over the moment he took a step forward and denied Jack. So why? Why did it frustrate him once more?

I miss you… I miss you so much..! Alice still needed him, and yet here he thought of the destruction not having his stronghold at his side. The voice he knew so well still spoke in a low murmur mixed with a flow of harsh emotions clumped together.

The cold around him felt sharp with the wave of emotions not just that of his own from the surrounding air. What was this sudden sensation…? It added to his feeling as if he weren’t alone in the room at the moment of time… Was he losing it? Oz’s hand suddenly snapped back to around his frame, giving himself that hug while huddled up in his position. The disturbance sent a chill down his spine with a tight closing of eyes causing a few stray tears to fall in a small stream down his pale cheeks.

"Can you… hear me…" A shaking voice whistled softly from between barely open lips, hardly moving otherwise.

Eyes growing emptier as he watched the other crumble— it was wrecking to watch with his own eyes.

The fraud sinking feeling in his chest was gone, only to have a choked up feeling replace it. He was tired. He suffered watching his most important person break down like this. He suffered watching without being able to do a damn thing. He suffered sitting there, unable to pass onto a happier after life.

Being dead had its quirks.

Can you… hear me… Hearing the shaky voice, his eyes snapped open, leaning in closer to the blond. He was getting his hopes up— he was getting excited for nothing. His body— well.. What of it that it was, reacted as he would before. Slow sullen movements turned into ones of agitation, fear, panic, and excitement. So this is what it felt like to be alive again, huh?

But perhaps the feelings were more negative that he had remembered.

He wanted to grab the hand of the other, only to watch it fly right through his own. It was impossible.

Being riled up, it took a sudden toll on his form, making him speak harshly and roughly. There was no in between for his emotions— just peaks or slumps.

"Oz... Oz..!" Desperate for recognition from the other, he continuously called the other’s name, mixing in soft sorry’s and i'm here..!

You could say he was freaking out at this point. It was more or less his normal panicky state he’d be in if he were actually there. Even though he didn’t need to breathe, he felt his breath shortening.


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s a c r i f i c e: "a surrender of something of value as a means of
gaining something more desirable or of preventing some evil."
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ur so cute when you sleep tbh


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i wake up to find pictures of me sleeping

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(also we are not married yet— just engaged.)

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