PH Fandom: fuck you Jack

Isla Yura: fuck me Jack

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whoooooooooooo wants a mun day pic

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Leave “Fluff me up” in my askbox


I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-14 to see what our muses will get as a fluff prompt

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emerald-lapin replied to your post:He’s here.
Because we love the Yoshi and it is always nice to see you uwu

or maybe b/c i gave into gil again andnow regretting my life choices

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He’s here.

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Eye squints.

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Went from:


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    Finally jumped on the bandwagon again and made another follow forever. Its more updated than the last one, especially since I’ve made a lot of changes, and well, the follower count continues to grow. -pokes the stats- you stop that.


   This blog is my baby, I love it to pieces and it brings me joy just how much progress, how many memories, how many friends I have made. I’ve had my doubts, but I feel like I’m not going anywhere for a bit longer. Having over 1,000 followers is incredible unbelievable, especially because I never thought I was good at this whole thing. 

  Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me, you guys are really great and I’m happy to have such wonderful followers. The list is a bit shorter this time, but every single one of you are important, please never forget that. 

First things first. 

My bae’s (akamysenpais)~

seize--redemption, sicut-reginae, i-shall-fall, roselionne, keeperofthesecret, dukerufusbarma,humanheartandsoul, morantem, whiterabbitoz, protegeant, nightrayyy, 

Amazing people I just adore seeing on my dash

hxnyou, whats-been-lost, opheliias, vincerenightray, handsomehoushi, leaderofseven, leaderkouga, bound-by-hate, timetossedmiko, dutifuldaiyokaisdaughter, thedukeofknowledge, cursedbellflower, whenadasmiles, filzmonster, schweety, littleojousama, quaint-little-fairytale, malxvolent, unlabeledlady, executionbyscissors, blue-k-i-n-g, subjugatedhanyou, askthemadhatteroftheabyss, resilienthanyou, vessaliusbunny, thatyoungpriestess, sugary-inkblots, infractus-viscera, sociopath-of-scepter4, xresfeber, whippcreame


Thank you all for being amazing! <33

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He was basking in the glory of having extra money on him.

Anonymous ;  
so should I be worried or ???? idk anymore

omfg no don’t be worried just imagine me like tamaki from ouran high school host club with fake tears like whAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING TAMAKI-SENPAI

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